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the perfect man

I was updating my bio and managed to create the perfect man on paper since this person will never exist I think this well solidifies my life as an under overachiever...

Look like Josh Duhamel, have Brad Pitt's body, have the happy half of Dr. Carter's personality, the romantic side of Christian Slater in Bed of Roses, Johnny Knoxville's spontaneity w/o of course the juvenile nature, Will Smith's sense of humor, be as smart as drlele and stephen combined, play all my favorite classical songs on the piano by rote, enjoy reading and walks on the beach, like the movies and music that I do, be self sufficient, be loyal, possess the ability to deal with all my quirks, believe that i am the only woman on earth for him, enjoy sports but not be insane about watching EVERY football game that is ever played, enjoy karaoke, be crazy enough to hang with my crowd of lunatics while still able to be grounded enough to spend time with my low-key family w/o feeling like it was some type of calculated artificiality, oh yes and he will have a job with absolutely no stress that pays enough to keep me in the life which i intend to grow accustomed too.

have i forgotten anything lele????
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