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I too am and under overachiever.

Growing up being told you are the smartest of your siblings is such a traumatizing event. As the youngest, constantly being told how easy I had it, ruined me. I was the best at anything I did... ok so anything involving your brain I mean. I never did the sports/athletic thing. Basically I succeeded in everything. I never made a B until High School. Standardized tests, ha. What a joke. Music, I was always the lead in my section, and always in the top group. Literature, math, you name it, I was awesome at it and always ten steps ahead of the crowd. I could have gone oh so many places... So what do I do instead? Fail. I failed much sooner than my friend drlele. She managed to keep achieving through high school and get accepted into good colleges. I quit achieving long before that. Then I went on to drop out of one college and two universities. Now I live a hodge podge life of confusion, reminded daily by my menial job as a supervisor in Big Box Retail of all the things I could/should have done with my life. What a depressing spectacle I am. Thus the reason for this wonderful community with the bestest, most understanding friend a gal can have. Hoping to meet more people out there like us. To join in the quest for unused potential.
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