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people are sheep

This is going to be a mindless rant so if you aren't interested please skip reading this now! What the fuck is with people today??? I am so sick and tired of people in general who have it good and just don't see it. I'm sick and tired of people who have these HUGE faults and when you inherit them actually think they have the RIGHT to BITCH at you for doing the same thing as them... when they're STILL MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE! What the fuck is wrong w/ these people! I'm pissed and annoyed and aggrivated... with the people who are pissing me off and also myself. I said I wasn't going to do this. I wasn't going to NOT finish college and get stuck in a dead end job and hate my life before I turn 25. I said I wasn't going to ever wallow in self pity when I felt all alone in the world because I don't see things like everyone else and when my goals were different from everyone else. I'm angry with myself for being stuck in this position. I believed for SOOOO long that I was destined to make a difference... somehow, somewhere. And now I sit back and wonder just how naieve I was. And was I? Or am I just stuck?? I mean people (and people are sheep so how much weight should their statements hold anyway) always say that it's never too late... but I wonder is it??? Did the lazy path I wandered down so many years ago doom me to always be miserable??? To always want more? Can it be fixed?? And if so where the fuck do you start trying?
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